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Western Mongolia and Gobi Desert tour

The first destination of this trip is the Gobi Desert which is popular with tourists for its beautiful landscapes including sand dunes and splendid gorges with unique formations as well as birds of prey, small rodents, the remains of dinosaur fossils, two-humped camels, and camel herders. While traveling around the Gobi, you will be thrilled by the contrasts between the Three Beauty Mountain Ranges, ice in the Eagle Valley which remains frozen until July, and sand dunes known as the "singing dunes." As you walk through Eagle Valley, enjoy observing and taking photos of pikas, the small, cute rodents that can be seen dragging grass into their burrows for winter consumption. The Khongor Sand Dunes are a wonderful place to visit in the desert. If you ascend to the high sections of the dunes in the northwestern corner, you will have a chance to hear the sounds of the "singing dunes." Slide off the dunes by kicking your legs and pushing your arms forward to hear their song!
We offer the opportunity to explore the Flaming Cliffs which were discovered by American explorer and naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews in the 1920s. The red sandstone cliffs are known by the name Bayanzag amongst the Mongols. Pieces of dinosaur bone are still being found at the Flaming Cliffs and other famous locations in the Gobi Desert. The Mongolian Gobi is the only place where you can see two-humped Bactrian camels. A highlight of your tour will be experiencing the hospitality of a nomad family, making friends with camel herders, and learning more about their unique lifestyle. Another fascinating part of this trip is Bayan-Ulgii Province, the home of the Kazakh people, located in the western part of Mongolia. Kazakhs have preserved their unique culture and traditions, such as eagle hunting, since ancient times. Knowledge of animal husbandry has been passed down from generation to generation and visitors will be impressed by the peoples' hunting skills and horsemanship. The skillful Kazazh women will display their handmade embroideries which are unique works of art with beautiful patterns and colors. Don’t miss viewing the untouched landscape which differs significantly with its splendid snow-capped mountains, wide valleys, pristine rivers, lakes, springs, and waterfalls as well as medicinal herbs, rare wild animals, and birds.
The main destination of this trip is Altai Tavan Bogd National Park which contains six snow-capped mountain peaks and three large glaciers. Visitors will admire the wild life such as argali sheep and ibex as well as birds of prey including vultures and eagles. The park is a wonderful place for hiking and climbing.

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