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I would have no hesitation in recommending this tour to any people interested in undertaking a discovery of Mongolia. The Nadam festival in Khorgsval was authentic and small enough to provide an intimate connection with the day’s events. The tour guide was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing the Mongolian lifestyle and sights within the country. She was flexible with the itinerary as well allowing us to visit the Deer Stones outside of Moron, one of Mongolia’s unheralded gems from the Bronze age, not originally on the tour. The food and accommodation were of excellent standard allowing us to enjoy the experience of staying in traditional Mongolian Gers in comfort. The drivers were amazing getting us to places that required us to go off-road with no signposted routes particularly in the Gobi in comfortable, well maintained vehicles. All in all Mongolia has a wealth of history, cultural experiences and modern facilities that makes this a wonderful country to visit and Nomadic Voyages is excellent at providing the means to experience it all.

Stephen Arnold, from Australia

My husband and I (both in our 70's) just finished a three week tour with Nomadic Voyages: UB, Karakoram and Hustai National Park, Gobi desert, and Ulgii for the Eagle Festival. Everything they did met or exceeded our expectations, including a wonderful guide (Sarah, ask for her! Great English, very helpful and fun), good drivers (especially Amra for Karakoram and the Gobi), comfortable ger camps (Gobi Nomad Lodge was our favorite) and interesting activities. Our guide understood very quickly what we were interested in and did everything she could to make it happen: many stops while traveling for photography, visits to several nomad families, and flexibility/improvisation when things didn't happen as planned through no fault of Nomadic Voyages (like the Eagle festival being reduced to one day instead of two at the last minute). The hotel in Ulgii was so-so, noisy but clean bedding and with wi-fi, and as I had been told, there is little choice in the town. We are on our last day and could happily spend more time in this beautiful country with amazingly hospitable people. Soylo, the travel agent we worked with to prepare our trip, was very helpful in working with me to figure out the itinerary and dates we wanted. We opted to do it by ourselves (with guide and driver) rather than in a large group, mostly so we could stop whenever we wanted for photographs) and the cost was very reasonable (I compared with other companies). I would absolutely recommend Nomadic Voyages!

Dominique Smith

Nomadic Voyages Testimonial - Dominique

From the first time that we hear about Nomadic Voyages trip including the Gobi Desert and the Golden Eagle Festival, we were eager to experience Mongolia. The opportunities to learn and stay in the Gobi in the Gers (Gobi Nomad Lodge), visiting with nomadic families, experiencing the sand dunes and riding camels as well as watching the herds of camels, horses, goats and sheep were what made the Gobi section of this trip memorable. Not to mention the wonderful hospitality of the nomadic people which included drinking fermented mares milk and milk tea in their Gers. The Golden Eagle Festival was amazing. The traditional dress and gathering of the 93 contestants on horseback each with his/her eagle made the otherwise bleak environment colourful. The eagles were so connected with their owners, the camels and horses beautiful and sturdy, the vendors with their beautiful wall hangings, fox skins, traditional dress, and wares to sell were the entire scene around the contestants’ arena. Judges were set up on a trailer and the skill of the eagles was amazing with the riders with their leather protected gloves. Towards the end of the competition there were music, dancing, and games including the tugging of the sheep or goat skin from horseback. I can also my eyes and see and hear the Mongolian sounds of the animals and nature, see the star studded sky of the Gobi, experience the friendly people having us in their Gers, and view the expanses of the hills as we drove around parts of the country. I would love to return and experience the northern part of Mongolian with the Reindeer people, the lakes and forests.

Thank you Nomadic Voyages for exposing me to Mongolia. What a great time and value.

Alasya & Bob West, Boise, USA

Bill and I enjoyed our trip to Mongolia with Nomadic Voyages. The program you made for us was awesome!
Enhke was wonderful, the drivers knew where and what they were doing. They were helpful and very polite. The vehicles were clean and in good shape.
We learned a lot about your country in the short span of time we were there. Thank you for sharing your country with us.

Connie Sciandra, California, USA 2016

Hello there,
Sorry that I'm so late in getting back to regarding feedback on the September 3-17, 2015 Nomadic Experience tour. I believe I completed the two page evaluation and gave everyone "excellent” ratings in all aspects, but I wanted to add a few comments to supplement those comments.
1. Both the driver and guide were excellent. Duuya was personable, knowledgeable, and familiar with all the sights we visited. She had answers to all the questions we posed -- in excellent English as well. She was flexible and able to adjust to the group's needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her for most any trip you sponsor. She had an amazing rapport with the local nomads we visited. It was like we were visiting friends of the family or close neighbors. I understand that the Mongolian culture is very welcoming, but I would suspect that some could take advantage of this generosity. Duuya bridged the gap between the clients and the nomads so that everyone was comfortable.
2. Duuya and the driver worked together exceedingly well. There were times when I actually thought we were lost, but neither of them were flustered (we weren't lost!).
3. Our driver was exceptional. He knew the "roads", had an amazing sense of direction, always got us to the correct destination safely and on time, and had a wonderful sense of humor. The fact that he was a former automotive mechanic/technician was a real bonus, as we had at least two times where his knowledge and ability was put to use. When you are 20 km from any civilization this skill is valuable.
4. I love driving around in new territory and just watching the scenery go by. There were times when we would drive for hours between sights. I loved it, but future travelers may have the expectation that certain sights (sand dunes, temples, and cities) are much closer. If they aren't already they should be alerted that Mongolia is huge!
5. The lodging, food, and service at the tourist camps were better than expected. I was very comfortable there. I was surprised and impressed with the facilities. I was concerned that we wouldn't have power to recharge batteries or timely laundry service, but the camps provided these more than adequately.
Thank you for organizing this tour. I will speak highly of you and your staff when I show the hundreds of pictures to my friends.

Philip Amen, from USA

We have just returned from Mongolia, and I would like to express my thanks to you for the wonderful and unforgettable experience. It is certainly a country that is so beautiful, all of its landscape, history, culture and people.
Most of all, I would like to thank you for assigning Ms Bulgaa as our guide. She is the best guide I have ever come across, having been a frequent traveler. Although I had filled out the feedback form, it could not fully express how happy we are with Bulgaa. She is very serious about her work, and fully committed to ensuring we are happy with the flexible itinerary. She knows when we needed to rest and how much time we needed for activities. She has good rapport and chemistry with all the drivers, which makes us as tourists at ease, knowing that we were always in good hands. On several occasions, she did not hesitate to defend us against some local people due to over-crowding of events, and we are sorry for that. Along the way, my partner had diarrhea through the trip. She consistently checked on him, and made sure that the kitchen cooked soft meals for him. She also fought for better ger camps with the camp owners so that we are always comfortable. We are sorry for asking her so many questions about Mongolia but it is such a beautiful country that we don't wish to leave without knowing more about it. I am not sure about your company policies, but feel free to share with her this email if it is allowed. We miss her, and wish her all the best in her thesis in her University.

Simon Loh, from Singapore

Simon Loh

"Three years ago a friend and I had a mid-winter stop-over in Mongolia en route by train from Beijing to St Petersburg. In addition to Ulaan Baator, we stayed at a ger (yurt) camp in Terelji National Park. We were the only guests, and the warmth of the hospitality was the opposite of the temperature (-20 C.) We were as snug as the proverbial bugs in the rug and came away great fans of the ger. The countryside was stunningly beautiful under the snow and cloudless blue skies,and we determined to return sometime to see Mongolia in Spring /early Summer. This time we resolved to handle our own bookings and selected Nomadic Voyages largely on the basis of the itineraries on their web site-we were certainly not disappointed in the service we received or in the itinerary!
We took Nomadic Voyages 17 days tour with front and rear add ones in June 2015. There were a total of 5 of us on the basic tour. Pre trip e-mail queries were answered fully and promptly usually in 1-2 hrs (Australians are not used to this. Our time zones seem to be pretty much the middle of the night for much of the rest of the world. (A former Australian Prime Minister is even reputed to have said while overflying Darwin at 40,000 ft. that the worst thing about Australia is that it "is at the arise end of the world".) The guide and drivers were first class.The guide was knowledgeable and always took the interests (and idiosyncrasies ) of individual members of the group into account. The drivers took obvious pride in their vehicles which were top of the range Land Cruisers, important when much travel outside UB inevitably involves unsealed/off- road excursions. Domestic flights were in modern western turbo-prop aircraft.The ger camps were generally sited in picturesque country, and hospitality and meals is generous to say the least! Even though at this time of year there was no requirement for it, staff would happily light the ger stoves in the evening AND morning.
The itinerary showcased the magnificent Mongolian scenery. Many think of Mongolia as largely steppe and desert but there is much more to it than this, and especially in early summer much of the countryside is still green. The route varied from the fringes of the Gobi, through steppe grasslands, alpine meadows , mountain ranges, and rivers and lakes. In the north there is evergreen forest where the reindeer if not the buffalo roam. We saw the massive nomadic herds of the Mongolian 'big five' ;yaks,camels, horses, goats,and sheep with their herders both on horseback and motorcycles. About 1/3 of the population are still nomadic though UB is growing rapidly. Eagles,falcons and even vultures are reasonably common,though only one wolf was sighted. Monasteries abound,derelict,functioning and as museums. Fossil beds, bone and metal artifacts,replica and original,can be found,and there are outstanding rock painting and carving sites And remember, Chinggis' empire is only the most recent of the four great steppe /cavalry polities which dominated Central Asia and beyond.

D.N. Christie & G. Brook, Australia


I would like to thank you for arranging our Mongolia Trip. Both my husband and myself have a wonderful 2 weeks in Mongolia.
The itinerary arranged is just right for us. We have plenty of open land along our way to Gobi Desert to explore. Thanks to our experience driver, Kauerlee (amazing, without proper road conditions and signages, we are still able to reach our destination safely every day). Many gorgeous places likes flaming cliff, sand dunes (we have witnessed both the dry and the wet, covered with snow), Yol valley and many animals accompanied while we are on the road (Thanks to our Guide, Sergee, with her super powerful eyesight, we get to see vultures, Ibex, fox, black tail and white tail gazelles and many others. The gers at Gobi turned out to be better than we expected. Good service staff and comfortable gers. I am also happy and in fact shock of the choices of food arranged. We have salads, Mongolia barbecue, Hotpot, Mongolia dumplings, Kazakh traditional dish, ice cream, pancakes etc.
The Golden Eagle Festival is also an eye-opener. We never expected we can come so close to the hunters with their eagles and witnesses their skills of commanding this ferocious bird. I would also like to complement our Guide, Sergee, who is cheerful, helpful, resourceful, observant and most importantly her fast response to our needs.
I would definitely recommend Nomadic Voyages to anyone who is interested to tour round Mongolia. The reason being, they are responsive, responsible and trustworthy.

Christina Tan, Singapore

The trip was a success with so many high points.
The Eagle Festival was worth the trip--however see notes about the housing. Certainly the Gobi was a big hit with our group. Loved the Ger Camp (Gobi Nomad Lodge), the side trips to the Yol Valley etc. Enjoyed the Dunes and the chance to ride camels. Enjoyed the museums in several places and the insight they provided.

Enjoyed getting inside the homes of Nomad families. Thank you for that. Also really enjoyed the performances --music and dance.
the staff The drivers were outstanding in every respect. We met three employees , the gentleman who picked us up at the hotel, beri who was with us in Ullan Batar and Sara our guide for the rest of the trip.
Lodgings. Well the ger camp (Gobi Nomad Lodge) were great. The Ramada is a lovely place.
I look back with wonder and pleasure at the experience.

Ellie McKinnon

My son and I have traveled broadly together to more than 30 countries and we recently spent 2 weeks in Mongolia with Nomadic Voyages and had an amazing time! So far, this has been our favorite trip out of all of our adventures! We went on a pre-set itinerary that was perfect. Not only did we get to spend time seeing the spectacular Naadam Festival, but traveling across this magnificent country was a trip of a lifetime. We rode reindeer, horses and camels; we held an eagle and saw beautiful wildlife, including the last remaining heard of wild horses left in the world, and all of this in the most pristine environment we have ever seen. We went from the cool northern Khuvsgul Lake to the hot Gobi desert farther south, and all along we had a guide with us who became our friend. The accommodations were breathtaking, especially some of the gers/yurts that were included in our itinerary. My son is only 9 but I am certain that he will never forget the beautiful adventure we experienced with Nomadic Voyages. I highly recommend the team at Nomadic Voyages. This trip is truly a bucket list worthy adventure!

Lynn Lugo, USA

My wife and I, with our two adult sons, had a great family vacation with Nomadic Voyages. Every day we saw beautiful places and very interesting aspects of Mongolian life and culture. The lakes, the high country and the Gobi were all very beautiful, as were the cultural artifacts. The people we met in herding families, in villages and in the capital were friendly, proud and smiling. The fauna, both domestic and wild was exotic and beautiful. We were very happy to have a Nomadic Voyages provide for our trip to Mongolia, and we are delighted with the result.

Steve LaRocca, USA

We have had a safe trip back home last week. I would like to thank you very much for all your arrangements during our wonderful stay at Terelj National Park. I would like to add special thanks to Hurlee who did so much for us with 3 days trip to Terelj National Park and visiting nomad family . We really hope to come back soon !

Thank you & Best Regards,
Linnaea Walker, USA

Great choices for places to visit, routes with the best views, places to stay. Very professional services from Nomadic Voyages personal and from ger camp staffs. Excellent guide and driver in all places. We nominate our traveling guide for an award star of five. Our guide was a superbly qualified, highly enthusiastic woman for great athletic skill and a delightful personality. She obviously has a deep love of her country, its people, culture and traditions. She made our trip very enjoyable. Her singing was very pretty and gave us a taste of Mongolian culture. We nominate her as “Guide of The Year”

Jeffrey Carr, USA

Our driver and vehicle were both outstanding. Our driver was so skilful that even difficult terrain was easy and a comfortable ride. Like our guide, the driver had a great personality and added a lot to our trip. The vehicle itself was very well maintained, always clean and very comfortable. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip. I deeply appreciate the Nomadic Voyages Tour Company for accommodating our early arrived and delayed departure with transportation.

Martin Ebert, from USA

Many thanks to Degi and Bulgaa for the perfectly organized and planned trip to Mongolia. Everything work out well, all transfers were on the minute. Therefore we want to recommend your agencies to friends of ours and naturally we will be contacting you next time we plan for Mongolia again

Elena SÁNCHEZ Pérez, USA

Everything about the trip was great! Operated smoothly if a problem arose, Nomadic Voyages resolved the issue immediately. Additional, unexpected activities the enhanced the program were added.
Bulgaa was fantastic! One of the best guides i have had. Drivers were fun caring and had really great driving skills. Road were difficult and bumpy but drivers did an excellent job maneuvering vehicles.
Overall, Nomadic Voyages did an excellent job providing top quality service that allowed me to thoroughly enjoy this beautiful country without having to worry about logistics. Our guide handled everything flawlessly! The drivers were awesome. I hope to come back in the near future and spend more time exploring.

Kerina Rowley, USA

Wow! what an incredible trip. How are things in Mongolia? on behalf of all the participants I wish to thank you for all your kind and generous gesture you have done. We all had a great time and your country is fantastic. We did so much in such little time; we enjoyed the Gobi, the food, the sightseeing in U.B. We experience the country; the Flaming Cliffs, the Eagle Valley, the sand Dunes and the Petroglyphs. Everyone had such a good time and I hope that you will someday come visit us. We did quite a bit of shopping too, we were amazed by the sunrise and sunsets which were spectacular. We are all going to promote Mongolia through clients, friends, colleagues, etc., We enjoyed the gers; riding the camels and your guide Bulgaa is excellent. We really appreciated having her tell us the stories about your country. The drivers both did their best, very good to us and careful with the roads and we had such a wonderful time. Again thank you; everyone on the tour joins me to thank you and wish you all the best to you and yours.

Luisa Lu, Group from USA

It is truly an experience, to be with the family. Very impressed with what the desert had to offer. The kids were always up for the adventures planned for us. We were always surrounded by nice people, good food and AMAZING scenery. Quite a family destination. From this experience makes us want to come back Mongolia, again and again and again.

Adam Singer family, USA

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the most excellent tour, Classic Journey with Naadam Festival. We had a great group, didn't we? I was so happy to find out that everything I expected the Nomadic Voyages itinerary was everything I expected, and more. I have no complaints at all, and in fact was very much satisfied with every single thing. I will highly recommend that Nomadic Voyages to our friends and relatives here in Denver

Lorrie Bradley, USA

I was looking for an escorted trip that would show me the highlights of Mongolia in an authentic way, and Nomadic Voyages hit the spot. They're the only 100% Mongolian owned and operated tour operator there, and no matter where I wanted to go, they were accommodating and helpful. They are true "aficionados" of the destination and have a great network of resources all over the country. Thank you Nomadic Voyages, for a wonderful trip!

Rachel Haile, USA

I have always been interested in Mongolian culture and always dreamt of traveling to Mongolia.
I didn't know who to travel with and I found Nomadic Voyages Travel Agency Website. The tours they were offering were exactly what I was looking for and I wrote email to have some more information. The Sales Manager ( Delgarmuron) answered me back giving me all the details I needed and explaining a little bit more about their work. As soon as I read the answer, I knew that I wanted to travel with them.
I went to visit Gobi Desert, Bayanzag & Karakorum, which has always been my dream. This experience was wonderful, and my guide spoke fluent English and was really knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the time spent there. We also visited to nomad family which was one of the highlights of our trip.
Nomadic Voyages is a great Travel Agency, really concerned for your comfort and doing everything to make sure that you spend an amazing time.

Margaret Rafferty, Australia

Just want to thank you for your wonderful hospitality and expert tour guiding during our trip to Mongolia. We loved visiting the Husai National Park and exploring the city of Ulanbatar. Our favorite part of the trip was seeing the beautiful countryside and encountering wild horses camels and eagles.
Thank you so much for showing us around and making sure our trip was a success. We also enjoyed our driver, Zoloo. Look forward to planning our next adventure with you.

Lisa Berkman
Tour group from USA September

I had an awesome time in Mongolia. I really came on the trip not knowing what to expect and honestly wasn't sure if it would be 'my thing' but you really did make it worth it and it was money well spent.

Thank you for your friendly, fun and professional attitude. We had a blast! Listening to Mongolian music during the drive definitely added to the mood and experience. The wild horses were amazing and we took so many photos, it was so hard to choose the ones we wanted to print out for our photo album.

I definitely recommend anyone who is up for an adventure, filled with culture and history and a very friendly tour guide- who basically becomes part of the family/group; to go for Nomadic Voyages. You will leave with not only leave with knowledge of the country's hidden treasures and secrets, but also FANTASTIC photos, a HUGE smile and SATISFACTION for your money well spent. seeing this gorgeous land.

It was really a great experience and filled with a lifetime of memories.

Michealla from Australia

When you think about Mongolia, the first thing that comes to your mind is Genghis Khan, the tales of his achievements and the strength of his warriors. And then the desert, the Gobi, the dunes. A strange landscape that makes us running with imagination in geography books. Mongolia is much more: it is a country of dust, sounds, never-ending silence, and endless landscapes, horizons that seem to grow without end and without obstacles. Mongolia is reflected in people's eyes: peaceful, calm, always helpful and kind, fair … almost noble in their attitudes. People who live in gers (a name which will not say anything to most of Italian people) but that indicates typical tents where the nomadic Mongols lived and still live. Without continuous light, no running water, no comfort, no division of rooms and even less without bathroom. A tent where every day at any time you find a thermos full of hot water or airag (fermented milk, with a slightly salty taste and alcohol), ready for guests. A small cluster, a small world open to anyone who passes. No matter whom he is, where he comes from, what language he speaks. Just stop on the road (dusty way, sometimes there is not even a path and the driver moves like following an invisible line in the middle of the landscape). Someone will arrive in the saddle of his horse or riding a motorcycle. Probably it will be a child (they are entrusted to their family’s herds) and he will immediately try to figure out how to help. Because you do not stop in the desert, if you do not really need to. You constantly travel, ride, go. And when you leave Ulaanbaatar (or UB, as they call it) you’ll see just that: a long and vast prairie, always changing. Rockets, desert, dunes, mountains and plains. One day you are in t-shirt with 35 ° C. The day after you are obliged to wear gloves and scarf! Heaven and earth meet and touch (average altitude above sea level is from 1000 meters at least, UB is 1330 meters) ... in some places you believe you can touch the clouds. So it is not surprising to find out that one of the main deities is Tenger, the god of the sky. During night the sky is so beautiful and wonderful: immense, starry, where you even look at the shades of blue in the Milky Way (yes, they are not colors you see only in books!)... A sky without interruption of artificial lights for miles, surrounded by a silence that you never imagined could exist. A place to visit because it is one of the few places remaining natural on earth, innocent ... where children still accept a gift collecting it with open hands. Where children do not know what is a deflated balloon. Just to see their eyes lighting in discovering it, it's worth flying up to Mongolia!

Manuela Bolchini

We were delighted with our Mongolian experience. The ger camp was highlight and the traditional Mongolian concert was really enjoyable. Our overall experience was extremely positive.

Thank you for looking after us so well.

Jane Ferguson Group from Australia

Hello Everybody,
I traveled with Nomadic Voyages in Mongolia in the summer of 2010. Mr. Delgermurun, the owner and operator. He knows the landscape and the history behind the various locations that we toured as a group of six. Our tour guide understands his clients taste and is good at custom arranging tours according to the requests of the travelers in his entourage.

Our tour guide had everything well timed, and calling ahead he always had our arrival destination details ready and well prepared to accommodate us when we got to our location. The sights, the food, the reception, and the accommodations were excellent. His prices included everything; tickets to enter the shows, hotel accommodations, transport, food, and guided tours. I recommend Nomadic Voyages without reservation to anyone who wishes to visit Mongolia.

Mongolia is a beautiful country located in the Central Asian grasslands called the Steppes. It is a land-locked country, sandwiched between Russia and China. The wide open spaces and the friendliness of the people will leave you nostalgic for a land of extensive peacefulness and vastness, long after your visit. Mongolia is worth the visit, and Mongolian Journeys is your best bet at getting your money worth seeing this gorgeous land.

Jack Perera Elkridge, Maryland, USA
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